Friday, July 31, 2009

I "graduated" today from physical therapy on my knee. They gave me a T-shirt with the name of the place I went for therapy. I don't wear T-shirts, but will give it to my granddaughter.

Had to pick Bill up and dash off to the foot doctor 60 miles away from here. Afterwards, we checked out this place that has all kinds of wonderful things in it. Bill found a mug that he wanted, but said it was too expensive. I told him to get it and count it as a gift for the anniversary, 37th, that we both forgot last week. I didn't have any money so he bought it himself. He is always so generous to others, that he deserved to be generous to himself.

Off then to Catfish Junction. Fantastic tea, had onion rings, and I got the seafood platter. Yummy, yummy!!! He got catfish. We may just have to take our friend down there for supper tomorrow night if we have already taken her to the lake for seafood. I could eat seafood of one kind or other at least one meal a day. As much as I eat fish, I am beginning to believe someone lied when they said that fish was brain food. If I am 64 and have been eating fish my whole life, how much longer do I have to wait to become a real brainy person? Yep, someone lied about that, I believe!!!

Got home and ended up catching up with a friend I haven't seen in about 4 years on the phone. She wants to come to the wedding and said she would try very hard to make it. I must remember to tell my daughter to add her to the list. We are cooking up some time to visit this next month. She lives 2 hours away if you speed (I must remember that speeding earns you big money-spending tickets), so I guess it will take me about 2.5 hours to get there if I do the speed limit. I laughed so hard at what one of her baby granddaughters said and did when a new baby arrived at her house that I lost my breath. Kids are the best.

My friend will be here after lunch tomorrow and if I don't get off here and into the bed, I won't get the bed stripped and the floors done and there won't be anyplace for her to sit at the table. Why do I always leave things to the 99th hour? Must be a Jane thing.


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