Monday, July 20, 2009

Today I ran to the city. I want my great-granddaughter to match her parents in my granddaughter's wedding in September. I bought the chocolate fabric with ivory satin ribbon for the ties. A pillowcase dress will be the easiest to make so that is what my plan is. Just have to find the time now.

Also bought black fabric and cream lining to make my daughter a cell phone holder to wear around her neck. I figure black will go with anything. There was the prettiest braid that was basically black with different colored intricately woven tiny squares with gold around them that I got to stitch across the bottom. They had the neatest twisted, thin cording in black that will be what she can wear around her neck. Her job provides her with one of those phones that connects to the
Internet. The other day she laid it, a coke, and some crackers on her secretary's desk, ran back into her office to get something and when she came back, only the coke and crackers were there. This young lady who was in the office at the time had "mysteriously" disappeared. Go figure where the phone went. Her phone was replaced, but now it won't leave her body when she is at work.

I was hoping my granddaughter would go with me today for another day of memory making, but after calling everywhere, I found her in Arkansas at her older brother's house. She just had to go see that darling niece of hers. Once school starts again, she won't have time to come up for air. She is a nursing student at a university in the city and commutes. Her "to be" works most days about 18 hours and won't miss her not being there right now. He is good about letting her do what she wants - the only kind of man to have.

Bill and I drove up at the same time. That was good because that way he could bring in the groceries.
heehee It is hard to walk on a crutch and carry a sack of groceries and since I shopped at Sam's, there wasn't even a sack with a handle to drape across my arm.

We ate leftovers that were delicious. Around here you eat leftovers until they are gone or grow mold on them if they get
accidentally pushed to the back of the icebox. Boy did I want 2nds, but I have to be extra careful that I don't put back on the weight that I lost when I was so ill. That was the hard way to lose weight.

I have
bloghopped for hours. There are so many creative people out there who so graciously share how they make things. One of these days I want to share like that. Of course, that would mean staying off the computer to get something made. Maybe when I get Zoey Elizabeth's "wedding" dress done and her name embroidered on it, I will take a picture of it and share. I will try to remember to do the same with my daughter's cell phone necklace.


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