Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Where has time gone? I thought it has been just a couple of days since I had been here and find out it is nearly a week that has gone by.

For one thing, I am back to my old habits of staying up until almost dawn and then sleeping half the day away. There is the physical therapy that has to be tended to which is 22 miles away and is three times a week and this is the last week. Can you hear me shouting songs of joy from this hill I live on?

Monday I will see my surgeon who should release me. My range of motion is great and I am ready to have my time back to myself. I do have to ask him about some kind of therapy for the shoulder pain though. He will just have to understand that as much as I trust him, I cannot go back to the hospital to replace the shoulders like he says needs to be done. I don't even think a herd of wild horses could drag me back into a hospital. Too many bad memories that haven't faded. Will they ever fade? I just don't know when I look down at my knee and see that hole there. I just don't know. Hopefully, he will say there is some kind of therapy that will relieve the pain and also give me back some flexibility. Before you know it, I will either have to have someone dress me or run around naked all day long. That would scare even the devil off. Probably scare me to death too. My dogs would run away too, I think.

What have I been doing with my time? For one thing, I did turn on the TV on Sunday after not turning it on since the last day of March when I went back to have my other knee replaced. Just couldn't bear to watch or do anything at all after that went south. I was at my daughter's house Sunday evening and they were watching the Hallmark channel. There were a series of programs on that followed one another - a serial of love sagas. I stayed up after I got home to finish watching them and also thought I would see the one I missed. All of them were wonderful, but I still didn't get to see when Willie the sheriff got killed. All night long these pieces of the story went on and on and just when I thought the one that I missed was coming on, Murder She Wrote came on. I was a bit miffed spelled like pi**ed and haven't turned it on since then.

Zoey's dress is finished for the wedding. I had to tell my granddaughter, the bride, that she wouldn't be the standout that night. It will be Zoey. The wedding colors are chocolate and ivory and since the bride's brother and his wife are in the wedding, he said that Zoey will be on his arm. Keep in mind that she will just have turned six months when the wedding takes place. Is he smitten or what?

My daughter is inviting his MIL to the wedding so she can tend to Zoey, but he said absolutely not. She was going to the alter with him. That is why I had to run to the city on Monday of last week and purchase material and ribbon to match what the wedding girls are wearing. Can't have my great-granddaughter up on the alter not matching. The dress is a pillowcase dress and turned out darling. All I have to do is have her name monogrammed on the hem and she is set.

This is an outdoor wedding and horror or horrors, the ladies are going barefooted in dresses that are above the knee. The bride has a dress with a train so her feet won't show. All of them are having pedicures and have them painted in that French style. After Zoey goes to sleep, they are going to do her toes in the same fashion. Lordy, lordy!!!!! Since Zoey will probably be teething then, I have bought a lacy, girly bib and plan to dye it ivory and if that won't work, then chocolate brown and have her name done on it too. I tea dyed it thinking it would be just the right color and it looks like some ancient tea dyed dolls I have. Awful, awful, did I say awful? I bleached the color out and have had to buy two dyes. Can you find chocolate or ivory dye if you live in the sticks? Nope you can't. I have tan and dark chocolate and will have to try to mix them to the color I need. If it is as ugly as the tea dyed was, then I will bleach it out again and if it doesn't fall apart in the process, I guess we will just have to keep it in a pocket until after the ceremony and she will have to be tacky and wear a white bib.

Last Friday night I cooked and took it out to my DILs sister's house for my youngest grandson's birthday. We had eaten with my son twice the weekend before and I felt it was my turn to give them kitchen duties off. It was supposed to be a surprise birthday party, but the other granny accidentally asked where the cake was and of course he heard and it wasn't a surprise. Talk about a cute cake for a baseball player. It was a round cake and on the side of the cake were vertical blue pin stripes on white that looked like his baseball pants. Green grass on the top with three bats made of fondant that said Happy Birthday Gunnar with one word on each bat. Then, right in the center was a round cake that was decorated like a baseball. He will begin playing football this year so I wonder if he will have a football cake next year. Since he excels in all sports, just one of those kids who is an athlete to the max, and he is an especially good golfer for a 12 year old. I told my son to forget the baseball, football, and basketball and let him concentrate on golf. Lifelong sport that you can earn a living playing. I believe I need to keep my mouth shut since that went over like a lead balloon. If he is good at all sports and loves playing all of the games, then that is what he will do.

Saturday night we met some friends at our other friend's house and had a feast. I made my potato salad that everyone loves and I cannot begin to remember what all they had BBQed. They could have easily fed Cox's army. We told the hostess that next time, please don't cook anything. She always has the best things to eat while you are waiting to eat. By the time supper arrives, there is no space left. She comes up with the best dips I have ever put into my mouth. She had made buffalo wing dip which was made with canned chicken. She had also made a Ruben dip with sauerkraut and beef out of a jar. Those two things alone would have been more than enough. I have got to get those recipes. Bet the wings one will make my artichoke dip, that my children and grands think has to be at every function, take a back seat to this new dip. 5 stars to Karen and Curt for their cooking and friendship.

Sunday was a day of doing nothing. Read the paper, which I have decided not to take any more. Why? It has gone up another $3 for nothing. They don't even put the Michael's ad in there anymore. I can read it online for free. I might miss out on something, but not much. I will save a tree or two in the process and I like that. Since that just took a few minutes to read, I cut out Zoey's dress and this little holder for my daughter's cell phone.

Talking about that, I delivered it to her tonight. I believe I told you that someone stole her I-phone off her secretary's desk and I told her I could make something that she could wear around her neck to hold it and unless they choked her down, it wouldn't be stolen again. She loved it. She loved it so much she asked me to make some more for her. Then she started naming and including her friends that would want one as well. I see a business opportunity on the horizon. LOL If she will purchase the material, cording, trim, and thread, I will make her as many as she wants. Retirement money doesn't stretch far enough to make everyone at the school board office one of the carriers. It really did turn out cute. Why do I think about wanting a picture of something like that after it has left my house? Fading memory.

That makes me think of making my grandson and his wife change of address cards. I freehandedly cut out little houses out of fabric, each one different. Cut out a door and two windows and a chimney all in one fell swoop. I had envisioned making them about 20 of them. By the time I cut out 8 of them, glued them onto the blank card, colored in the yellow light in the windows, made window panes, colored in the door and put a gold door knob on each door, I decided they would only get 8 of them. I have a tendency to bite off a lot more than either I can chew or more than my short attention span can tolerate.

I want to finish reading The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells tonight and guess I need to quit trying to make up for a week of silence all in one night. Ya'll have a great day.


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