Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today I just couldn't get up and make myself to go therapy. I was sore and didn't get but two hours sleep. I have got to find a way to fall asleep without having to toss and turn for hours.

Bill made Blueberry muffins with the fresh blueberries one of the grandsons picked just for that. He wanted "real" ones and not the ones made out of the "blue package." I should never have eaten the first one because they were like potato chips. I couldn't just eat one. Now I have indigestion and is serves me right.

Mostly today I have blog hopped just looking at other people's artwork. So much inspiration out there. Now, I just need to get up off it and do some creating.

I found the book I had misplaced and wanted to take to my parent's house with me tomorrow. It is a very thoughtfully written that is filled with interview questions. It is already packed or I could give you the title and author. I will have to do that later this week. I want to try once again to get some family history before I regret not taking the time and also insisting it needs to be done.

In the morning is a doctor's appointment with the family doctor who will probably want to look at the healing hole in my knee. Then the next day it is time to see the ENT doctor in the city to try and find out why the vertigo comes and goes. I still believe it is tired to the two knee surgeries since I never had it before then. What a hard way to lose weight, but the nausea from the "spinning" just makes you want to never smell, see, or hear about food for the rest of your life. At least it has gone and I hope it never comes back.

Thursday is when I return and I will see ya'll then. Have a happy rest of the week.

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