Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Since it was nearly 4 AM when I last looked at the clock this morning, I had a hard time getting with the program when I woke up. I had to be at therapy at 1 PM which put me in rush mode.

I liked therapy last time much better. This time I have to walk the track first to warm up which always leaves my lower back and hip hurting. I wonder if the saying, "No pain, no gain" is true. I had weights put on my ankles for the first time today and have this sneaky feeling that it will be hard to get my legs in motion tomorrow morning. I stretched and pulled things I didn't even know were there. A new exercise is for the ham strings because I have been trying to have cramps in that area lately. I had better keep my whining to myself or they will find something else for me to do.

Stopped and picked up Chinese food for supper so Bill could have the evening off. Have I told you that I have a gourmet cook for a husband? Well, I do and he has taken over the kitchen. Suits me just fine. He cooks, I do the dishes which means at times I load the dishwasher, or other times when the dishwasher hasn't been unloaded, I wash them by hand. Bill puts up the washed things. He forgets that there are things in the dishwasher. Since I don't have my new kitchen cabinets yet, that is a good cabinet to store clean items inside of. Am I fortunate or what?

Not much happening on the email scene today and since I will be away from the computer Wednesday night, I thought I would journal tonight instead. I am going down south to visit and spend the night with my parents since I have a doctor's appointment in their city on Thursday. I need to do that more often since they are the ripe old ages of 89 and 84. I do have to say they can run circles around me though. They are two Energizer bunnies!!!

I am going to give it up early tonight and read a new book I bought the other day. One of my favorite writers has just come out with a new book and it is one of the few hard back books I have ever bought other than craft and text books. She is Rebecca Wells and hails from my hometown. She may write fiction, but I know some of the characters in her books which makes them even more special. If you have never read her YaYa Sisterhood books or Little Alters Everywhere, you are missing some good reading.


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