Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am a retired school teacher with 32.5 year’s service. My husband is a teacher who is still teaching. We live in a “one horse town” that sports a flashing light at the crossroads of two highways. Our town is dying on the vine. We have one mom and pop grocery store, several churches, two branch banks, a private phone company, a doctor’s lab, one filling station, two small places to grab a burger, fire station manned by volunteers, and heaven forbid we ever lose it, a K-12 school. We are extremely rural and have to drive somewhere to do anything. The major industry in our parish (that is a whole ‘nother story) is logging.

We have two children who each have three children. Our daughter and son-in-law are both educators. They have a married son who is in the Air Force and whose wife works at a bank. They have given me my first great-grandchild, a beautiful little girl. Their only daughter is getting married in the fall of this year, 2009, and who is studying to become a nurse practioner. They have one son left in the nest that is a senior in high school and thinks he never wants to leave home. All three children are avid fishermen/woman and hunters.

Our son is a directional driller supervisor and his wife is a stay-at-home mom, who is really a taxi cab driver to the children. They have one married son who works in directional drilling and his wife is a stay-at-home wife. They haven't started a family yet. His next son is the athlete and plays traveling baseball year round, basketball for his school's team, and this will be his first time to play football and be on the school’s golf team. His daughter is the youngest and is a dancer, all girl, and has the most expressive face and way of talking, usually with her hand on her hip. You can tell we all have Cajun blood because if you were to tie any of our hands behind our back, we would become mute. They have a place near here, but have recently moved to Arkansas so our son could accept a promotion with his company.

We have two dogs. Bisquit is elderly and won't be around too much longer and I cannot even imagine that. He is a rat terrier. Pepper is a lab mix and came from the shelter. He is a great watch dog, if not sound asleep. He needs to be a hunting dog because he is the most patient stalker of squirrels and birds in our yard.

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