Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Read email and bloghopped a bit before going off to therapy. Nothing unusual happening there today except one of the therapist is leaving in the AM to get married in Alabama on the beach. We had to remind him that he had to buy the bride a gift and pay for her bouquet. He is clueless and apparently his mother is too. He is a really nice guy and is so excited.

Made a trip the big W for some elastic. Thought I would make the headband for Zoey to wear to the wedding. I saw some flowers in brown I had bought to make a surprise wedding scrapbook for my granddaughter and they inspired me to do the headband. I thought it would be so cute to sew some of the flowers in a cluster on the band. Made my first and last headband. It took forever to turn that tiny little thing and of course I had to rip out and redo since I didn't notice I had turned one end over. It looked like a Mobius strip with the seam on one and then the other side. Had to get that corrected.

When that was made, I came into my room to get the flowers to sew on and had decided to do some beads in the middle of them in yellow. Well, the flowers weren't silk like I thought. They are paper and that idea had to be shelved. I refuse to go back to the big W tomorrow after therapy to find some silk flowers like I want. That is the first and probably last headband I want to make. I will leave that sewing job to someone who has more patience than I have. That baby is going to be one cute little thing at the wedding.

I am so excited!!!!! I already know what I want for Christmas this year - money. Why that? There is this artist who does incredible work who will be about two hours away this next February. Her classes are small, like 10-12 people small, and I am going. I have already contacted her and have my name on the list. Just told my daughter on the phone that I wanted money since the kids always ask what I want, which is usually a gift card to one of the two hobby shops in the city. I am going to learn this lady's method and knock socks off with the cards I make after learning her secrets. Hurry up February and get here. I haven't been this enthused since my first surgery in September of last year. Just love learning new things.

My grandmother always said to never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. I have lived by her words. When I taught, I went to learning conferences as much as I could. Now I can do the same, but with my artwork. WOW!!!! How exciting.

Have to go to bed early tonight - translated means before 6 AM like this morning - since I have to be at my last therapy session at 11 AM tomorrow rather than 2:30 like usual.


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