Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009

I have been either away from home or too busy to blog. I will try and fill you in on my activities.

On Wednesday I went to Natchitoches for a doctor's appointment and then on to Alexandria for a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I stayed with my parents and had a great time. I have this little book of questions written my Melody Ross, the author I couldn't remember the other day. I got some time alone with my dad and made it through 10 questions with him. He reminded me of a book he wrote and self-published just for the family about his life. I learned a lot more about him and he seemed to enjoy the interview.

Later on, I intervied my mother and got 10 questions done with her as well, plus a lot of information that weren't related to the questions. She has the most brilliant memory of things like what a little dress of hers looked like when she couldn't have been more than three years old. We stayed up very late talking. I had a wonderful time with them.

I took them out to eat at a fantastic and quiet Italian restaurant. We all ordered the same thing, but I had mine served on angelhair pasta. There were fried in bread crumbs eggplant medallions topped with a Newburg type sauce with some cut green onions and huge shrimp. We were so stuffed that we couldn't even order any dessert. We saw two of my dad's doctors there and a dear family friend and her husband. We visited with them for 30 minutes before we ever ordered. We just never get to see and visit with them. They are the ones that suggested the meal. If you are even in Alexandria, Louisiana, try Bellino's Italian Restaurant on Jackson Street extension. It is on the left next door to Mac's Market. You won't be sorry. Oh, they had the most delicious bread and butter before the meal that must be baked by them daily. Nice dining experience.

On Friday my granddaughter's wedding gown had come in up in Minden, Louisiana and I took her for her first fitting. I bought her the most elegant veil. She wasn't going to wear one, but I got the lady to bring out a few and she picked the first one she tried on. She is going to be one gorgeous bride!!! We went out to eat and made the obligatory visit to Walmart as I needed one roll of ribbon to finish the fans I am making for the wedding. There was a bride and her mother there also getting fitted and we had the best time with them. Lots of laughter and the bride ended up getting a different gown after hers had already been altered. These people that run the shop are incrediblely nice. If you need a gown and live in the area, give Hers a try. I think you will be more than pleased. Save plenty time for your fitting because you will need it. Also, if you need to buy a veil and haven't done that in 43 years, then be ready for a price tag that matches the national debt. LOL

Friday night our son and his family were in town from Conway, Arkansas, and they invited us out to his sister-in-laws for supper. DELICIOUS and we enjoyed their company so much. Then they invited us to their place in Grand Cane for supper on Saturday night. Another fantastic meal like we all love: purplehull and zipper cream peas mixed, hot water cornbread, and succotash. Boy can you hurt yourself eating that kind of food. He has to go to Houston for the week and his wife has some things the children have to do in Conway, but we are all going to meet up again next weekend when both of them return to their place in Grand Cane. It has been miserable for me since they moved 4.5 - 5 hours away one year ago in August. I was used to them being two blocks away for so long.

My daughter works from sun up to sun down and I can't see how she does it, but she manages it so well. She had to fly to Boston on Saturday morning until this next Thursday for a conference with her job. She also had to work last Friday and that is why I got a memory making day with her daughter. I am sorry she couldn't be there, but on the other hand am so happy I was free. Well, I did have to cancel my therapy on my knee, but who cares. I had a much better time with my granddaughter.

My son and his family stopped by after church this AM and he is off south to Houston and his wife is off to the north to Arkansas. I thought it woud be a good idea to use this afternoon to catch up on my blogging and reading email that I have neglected.

Oh, my "Puppy Boy" is really going downhill fast. I am beginning to believe we are being selfish in wanting him to stay around. He has to be picked up now as his back legs won't get him up. Once he is up he can get to his food bowl and water bowl. On most days he can get down the steps to go outside to potty, but has to be carried back up the steps. He has arthritis in his back end and nerve damage, but he sees the vet every three weeks and Jeffrey says he still eats well and had a strong heartbeat. We are relying on him, the vet, to tell us when it is time to put him down. I tune up like right now everytime I even let that thought enter my mind. He is such a loving dog, loves his treats, and what really breaks my heart is how embarrassed he looks if he has an accident. I am going to really have to pray about the reasons we are keeping him with us.


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