Monday, August 3, 2009

Had company for the weekend and we really had a nice time. Went out to eat supper on Friday night at the seafood buffet on the lake. Stuffed ourselves as usual.

Saturday I slept way late and then we ran over to Center, Texas, to go poking around. Did one antique shop, but they like their stuff too much for me. Judy did find a table runner that she liked and bought. The lady there said there was a thrift store several blocks away and off we went to find bargains.

Judy found some flower pots for her classroom, a funny bear for her nephews, and some odds and ends. I found a huge Rolodex for $1.99 that I believe I can do some artwork on - alter it somehow or other. I also got some red, white, and blue heart shaped buttons for making Zoey a dress, probably for next summer.

From there, we got on the loop and found a place to eat. Huge buffet, but we just did the salad buffet. When it came time for supper, neither of us could eat we were still so full from lunch. We were going on to Hemphill, Texas, to the quilt store, but I still don't have all of my stamina back and we came on home. Oh, we did have to stop at the Dairy Queen and get a chocolate dipped cone.

Judy left earlier than usual on Sunday as she had a lot of things to do before work today. I drove to Carthage, Texas, for a meeting dealing with my Southern Living at Home business. Got lost twice. Everytime I go there and get on their loop, I end up back where I started and know that I have goofed. Found my road and after 6 miles of tarmac, then gravel, and then red clay dirt that had puddles, I realized I must have missed a turn. Called the hostess and sure enough I had. Finally made it to her house. Surely glad that I started out early as it didn't make me too late.

Today I saw my surgeon and I don't have to go back for 2 months. He wants my range of motion to get to zero and told me what to do at home to try and achieve that. Sounds like pain to me. I asked about therapy for my shoulder that has been giving me fits and he said that I needed to rid myself of the crutch and it should help the shoulder.

I asked him how I was supposed to get from point A to point B without it since the reason I use it is because of my back, not the knees that have been replaced. He pulled up my x-rays and said he could see why I have the pain in the back due to the amount of arthritis. Not operable which is great since I won't go back for any kind of elective surgery. He said he could send me for pain management and when I asked what that was, he said, shots. Nope, no shots either. That sounds like pain to me and not pain management. I will try to get by without the crutch so my shoulder won't kill me, but it remains to be seen how that is going to work out.

Zipped through the dollar store and then on to Michael's to get one bottle of glue. When I started the truck, it sounded kind of weird, but it started so I drove on next parking lot to Sam's. Ran in there and got the handful of things I needed. Got back into the truck and when I turned on the key, it went, tic-tic-tic-tic. Definitely sounded like the battery was dead, but the truck isn't a year old yet.

I called roadside service and jumped through their hoops, like finding the last 8 digits of the VIN number. Sure, lady, where will I find that. OK, it was on the registration. Had to count back twice to make sure I had the 8 she wanted. I rarely even remember to take my cell phone, piece of Walmart garbage, but had it and gave her the call back number she asked for.

After a bit, the phone rang, but when I pushed the button, no one was there. It happened again and same thing. By this time I have been out in my truck for probably almost 30 minutes in gosh awful heat. I was trying not to cry, wanted to go back into Sam's where at least it would be cool, but was afraid I would miss the tow truck.

Eventually I called my husband and he called the dealership and they were to call me. Never did. He told me when we were on the phone that I must be pushing the wrong button to answer and told me to use the one above the green key. Fine. He called me back and it worked, twice, and only with him. He said he would give me the number and I could call the dealership.

No glasses, nothing to write with or on. He assured me it was an easy number to remember. I got them and they said they would sent out someone to pick me up. Another 30 minutes and lots of tears later, the man finally comes for me.

Back at the dealership the little guy helping me said that he would send a tech back with me to the truck and jump it off. I told him that I was spent and wasn't gone anywhere and they would have to take care of it, which they did. He was back in about 30 minutes and said some kind of box they took over to my truck ran out of juice trying to start my truck. They would take jumper cables and another box and would be back.

Dumb roadside assistant lady was wrong. It was the battery and they replaced it and sent me on my way. Still don't have a clue as to why the battery went dead and wasn't even a year old. I just got in the truck and came straight home. Was out of the mood to do any shopping.

When Bill came in from school, I gave him my cell phone and told him that I had started to put it under the wheel of my truck and run over it and I wasn't kidding. He just doesn't understand that I cannot use that stupid phone probably because I never use it and forget what to do each time I do take it with me. I don't care what he does with it and how many times I break down, I will NEVER, do you hear me? NEVER take that phone with me again. If I can't have an I-Phone that I believe I could use, then I don't want anything at all. It can rot on the charger and you will never see me pick it up again under any circumstances. Probably cutting my nose off to spite my face, but I am as serious as a heart attack. I will just take my chances on someone nice stopping to help me out if it ever dies again.

Now, I hope you had a great day and that the rest of mine goes well. If not, then I guess I will just get into the bed and hope it doesn't fall down.


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