Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What it is with people who have no power over you telling you that you "have" to do this or that? Today at therapy for the umteenth time, my therapist said to walk the track. As usual, I told her that I wasn't going to walk the track. "You have to," she said. I told her that yesterday the other therapist didn't make me and that I would not be walking the track today, tomorrow, or any other day. I explained to her once again, I am getting tired of telling her the same story day after day, that it makes my hip hurt. I said that after a lot of therapy several years ago we finally found a therapist who was able to diagnose the problem and more or less solve it. There is no way I will jeopardize that hip.

"Well, I will have to tell ***** that you are refusing again." I reminded her that yesterday I refused to walk it for him and he didn't harass me about it. I began my exercises and she went into the office with him and shut the door. Like, duh, why the door shut? When she came out, we didn't mention the track again and I did all of the other assigned exercises. At the end of the session she told me that when she writes the report to send to my doctor, she would have to say that I didn't complete my therapy since I refused to walk. Keep in mind that my doctor never did write down anything about walking. I told her that was find and that when I see him, which will be before her report gets to him and it doesn't really matter if it gets there first, I will tell him I refused and why. My doctor is a reasonable man and with the arthritis I have, he won't have anything to say about it. It made me think of someone saying that they would tell my mother I had been a bad girl or something. Shucks, I am 64 years old and believe I know my body and what it will take better than a therapist, who by the way, isn't one of those who had to go to school forever to become one. Just one of those kinds who is a tech.

After that, off to the dentist and woooooooo, I have four new back teeth. I can chew again. What a blessing. Had to get one filled in a different place, but it was okay. I love my dentist and he lets the dental hygenist give the shot and she is so easy with it you rarely know she has even given it. Love that girl!!! Love that dentist!!!!! Coming from someone who would cry before a dentist would even touch me up until several years ago, that is a "high compliment."

My son and his family will be in town again Friday night and will leave for home Saturday after his son's birthday party. I have decided to cook for them along with his married son and wife, his sister and mother-in-law. Good old pork ribs, potato salad, green beans, and garlic bread. Nothing like southern food.


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