Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When I got up this morning, it occurred to me that my dentist appointment to have a fitting for my crown wouldn't give me time to get it in before the wedding. I almost panicked. Instead of leaving with just enough time to get to therapy, I left 30 minutes earlier so I could stop by the dentist to see what could be done to calm my nerves.

When I arrived, I showed the receptionist where there wouldn't be time enough for a tooth to get back by the 18th if my appointment wasn't until the 10th. She pulled the appointment up on the computer and said there wasn't one for the impression to be made. The one on the 10th was for a cleaning.

Now what?
Some children didn't show up for their appointments and once in the chair, my dentist said I must be right with God because I had gotten in the same day I checked. I had to miss therapy, but hey, that is fine with me. Now I will go on the 16th to pick up the crown and will be able to open my mouth on the 19th. I don't know how I could have kept it shut when this is my first granddaughter getting married. Keeping my mouth shut isn't something I do very well. LOL This is the second day in a row that I have had a "fat, numb" lip. So glad this is the first and only time that has ever happened and hope it is the last.

A friend sent me a link to a Louisiana blog and I have spent the last two hours reading and blog hopping. I do wish people would say where they are from someplace on their blog. I have noticed many of them don't. Who knows, they may live in the next parish and could become a real friend instead of a cyber friend.

Must get back to the blogs, but just wanted to check in so I didn't forget the tooth (toothless) story.



  1. Good Morning Jane!
    It's almost 7a and I know this will be a great day because I woke up, read your sweet comments and they put a huge smile on my face this morning! Thank goodness Sophie can't read as she would have checked the computer before I did and would have never told me about the comment! ;)

    Well friend, it's nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by to visit!!! And, thanks to your friend for telling you about me, who would I owe this honor to??? Please do tell!!! Especially if she has a blog, I have to give her a visit too!!!

    I love the thought of your blog being a diary (as most of ours really are) and it will be a keep sake for you! It's amazing how every blog is unique in it's own way. I wish I could keep mine in a "diary" fashion, but I just can't help incorporating my love for photography in it so I sort of "speak through my photos".

    I'm so happy for you that your granddaughter is getting married! Congratulations! A Louisiana wedding is certainly THE event of the year! And how stressful is it to worry about a tooth at the last minute? Geez girl, I'd have been a nervous wreck! I was a dental assistant for 3 years and there are a lot of procedures to be done before one can get the final crown...whew! I'm glad the dentist understood the importance of Grandmothers looking good (& having ALL of her teeth) for her granddaughter's wedding! ;)

    I am so honored to be your first follower!!! Yay!

    I'm off to send you an email before I head out to work but I just wanted to stop here first and tell you how much you made my day!!!! I love meeting new friends...especially from Louisiana!!!

    I will catch up with you soon, until then, keep in touch!!!
    everything vintage

  2. Hi Jane! I wanted to pop over here and tell you how much I appreciated your kind and supportive comment you left for me on my blog. I really appreciated your words. That's what I love about being in blogland - meeting so many positive and kind spirits, and I count you among them. Thank you dear one! ~ xo Joy