Monday, August 31, 2009

I thought today would be a miserable day with a root canal to have to go through. Nada! Dr. Wood is so good. The only thing that hurt was the first shot. They shoot you and then leave for a bit. Come back and shoot you again, leave, and do that until you are good and numb. He got the crooked root out, put in the titanium post, and then the core for the crown to ride on.

Afterwards, I tried to find the appetizer bakeware that Melyssa wants for her birthday, but couldn't find them. Guess it is going to take hours to track some down on the net. If I just knew what to call them, I would be 1/2 way there.

Off to Michael's for some solvent and stumps for moving color around. Found several other things that I wanted too. Then to Hobby Lobby and I found a stamp that I wanted, as if I need another one. Found some Cuttlebug and Nestabilities on sale and had to have a few of them. That is about the only way you can afford them. They don't have the newest Nestabilities though. they have also moved that stuff to a different aisle.

Found some cheap ribbon to try the gathering technique with and will use it in Emily Anna's album. Got several other things and two sheets of 12 x 12 paper and all of it was either on sale or I was able to use my coupon.

Went clear across Shreveport to Sonny's to get catfish dinners to bring to the house for supper. Yummy, but the microwave has a tendency to toughen the fish when you warm it up. Wish I had gone on and eaten when I got in instead of waiting on Bill to finish up his work.

Have been here blog hopping looking at things to inspire me. I am inspired. Now, I just need to get up off of it and do something. Therapy tomorrow.

I am torn right now on what to do about Saturday. Heath will only be able to visit for about an hour. I missed seeing him last weekend since I went to the city with Emily Anna and Melyssa. Now, Melyssa wants me to go with her to Natchitoches and Alexandria to find something suitable for the wedding. She isn't happy with what she has right now. Too bad she couldn't have looked out of town when she was at a conference. Hindsight is 20/20.


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