Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday M'lys and I went to Natchitoches and Alexandria still trying to find something she would be happy wearing to the wedding in two weeks. No luck on Front Street, so we ran out to one of the shops on the other side of the river. She found two dresses and shoes, but said she was afraid one of the dresses was a bit too short. We decided to go on to Alexandria and get my mother's opinion.

Both dresses were tried on and modeled and the suit she loved was too short and made her look short. Kind of boxy looking in fact. She tried the other dress and it fit, but still wasn't what she was looking for. She is going to keep it though for church and work.

Peep (Mama), M'lys, and I loaded up and went to the mall to one of the larger department stores. As soon as we got to the department she was looking for, there were three outfits for her to try. The first one she tried on was fancy, but you could see the shoulder pads through the chiffon and that looked tacky. Plus, it was too large on her. She tried on the one that I liked, but she looked like she was one of the bride's maids instead of the bride's mother. We got a good laugh on that one. Lastly, she tried on the three piece outfit and it was a keeper.

Off to the shoe department and I found the perfect pair of shoes and they had them in her size. I liked them so much that I had the guy bring me a pair in a different color. Well, I have a huge foot, but my heel is narrow and I took two steps and those buddies had to come off and quickly. Of course, they want you to buy them and said I could put some kind of non-slip strip inside, but I put them back in the box and thanked them for trying. Guess I will infuriate my folks and wear my clogs like I usually do. I do have some that might work for a wedding. Who cares anyway. If someone wants to comment about my shoes, let them. Like I really care.

We took back one of the dresses she had picked out in Natchitoches and then went to an upscale boutique to try and find the right pair of earrings for the bride. They didn't have what we wanted, so we decided it was time for lunch. We went to one of our favorite places and Peep and I got fried shrimp and M'lys got the steak. I treated and they did the tip and there was enough left over that my dad had his supper in a take out box.

We went back to my folk's house and they drank coffee and I drank my water. It thundered and I waited for the rain to start, but it didn't come. It was nearly 4 PM and I wanted to get on the road and didn't want to miss the half-price time at my favorite drive-thru. We hustled to the car, said our good-bys, and made it with a few minutes to spare and got our Route 44 diet cherry limeades. Best drink around.

M'lys was relieved that she finally had just what she was looking for to wear to the wedding. She ran in when we got back to my house and gathered the things I sent with her and went to her house.

Today, Sunday, we got up early and went to Heath's place in Grand Cane. He called and said they had plowed through the donuts and if we wanted any, we had better stop and pick up some more, which we did. We ate two each on the way to his house.

They have gotten the pipeline for some of the Haynesville Shale field across the road and there was a new drilling well next to the road on the way. When we got there, Heath said he was one step closer to them drilling in his section. What a blessing that will be if they do. If it happens and it comes in like they expect it to, he will be able to pay off their new house in Conway withint 18 months. He said that after taxes and his tithe, there would only be 1/2 of what he would get left. Glad that he gives to the church, but hate that he has to pay so much in taxes.

For their 15th anniversary, he bought Chriss a 2010 yellow with black Camero. I hope she doesn't get any speeding tickets in it because it is certainly a sporty looking car, just the kind cops like to pull over. LOL Glad she didn't get red because that would have almost guaranteed her a ticket.

We had a great visit and Benjamin and Bridgette were there. He and Gunnar spent a lot of time outside playing basketball. Everyone except me, I think, shot skeet. Even Bill shot. I just couldn't take a chance on the kick of the shotgun banging my shoulder. Halle Clair even shot. (I can't get this tiny spot to turn green for the life of me. Weird!)

It was a nice day and I got Heath to get out the Rhino and take me back on his property. Everytime I have been up there it has been too hot for me to go and see the deer stands and the pond. He has cut little tracks all through the timber and brush. It has taken him three years and there is still so much work to be done. His rye grass and turnip greens are starting to sprout. He said that once it gets cooler, both will take off. After the leaves fall off the trees, the deer won't have any foliage to eat and will start on what was planted.

We went down to the pond and his neighbor and he are having a new dam built and then a run off dam with pipes built. He isn't sure how far up it will come, but knows his boat rack will have to be moved. He showed me the size of the bream in the pond and I didn't even know they grew to that size. They are my very favorite fish to eat. The pond will be stocked with them.

When we got back to his house, it was time to pack it up and head for the "Hill". We had left Bisquit just about as long as we could. Bisquit is one of our dogs who is old and the arthritis had gotten so bad that he can no longer get up on his own. He has to be lifted up and then he can walk. After he uses the bathroom, he has to be carried back inside. We know he won't be around much longer, but the vet says he isn't really in pain, he still eats well, and has a strong heart beat and we just cannot put him down. We can't go off for long periods of time, but he has been a loyal dog and being here for him is the least we can do. We still have Pepper and he is a funny dog.


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