Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009

Of all things, I have caught a cold. Drat!!! I wonder if it is because I got my flu shot or if it is just one of those things. I bet I sneezed 20 time in a row last night without stopping.

We went for check-ups and our doctor said we needed exercise. I could have saved her some time on that one. How well do I know how badly I need to exercise. She suggested a stationary bike and I told her we have one in the shed that is probably 20 years old. Her next suggestion was to join a gym. Well, since I had therapy after her, I purchased a couples plan at the gym where I go for therapy. The way I look at it is, if I have spent that much money, surely to goodness I will make the time to drive those 22 miles one way and go.

Forty-four years ago today Melyssa was born. We are going out tomorrow night for supper with them to celebrate. We saw Terrell in the big W today and he said he called her office to tell her secretary to wish her a happy birthday since she hoped to fly under the radar all day long. They went out and bought a cake and did a party. That was very thoughtful and nice of them.

Bill went for his first gym session today when I was doing therapy. He said he was surprised that he wasn't sore. Hahaha. Just wait until tomorrow. I increased my numbers on this machine where your ankles go behind a bar and you swing your legs out and up and I think maybe I needed to leave it alone. Talk about stiff and sore. It isn't even tomorrow and I can hardly walk.

I hear my new clock playing music in the other room. I have had my eye on it for about a year and the other day when I was in the jewelry store picking up a ring, I told the girl that I wanted it. She said I could put it on layaway, but I told her I might be dead as a doornail by the time it got paid for. I had a bit of money tucked aside and went on and got it. It has the sweetest music on the hour. I might have to move it into the bedroom so I can hear it better. If I am busy, I miss hearing it. At Christmas, it has some songs for that time of the year. I love that clock and am so glad I treated myself to it.

Most everything that needed doing from the fallout of the non-wedding has been done. I thought of one more person who needed to be called, but Melyssa said that Emily Anna had already taken care of it. Looks like it will still be raining this weekend and that would have spoiled the outdoor wedding anyway. Things do have a way of working out for the best. We will look back on this time a few years down the line and hopefully can find something to laugh about. I know one thing, I don't have to look at the groom's cake and I won't even tell you what it was going to be. So there is some sunshine in all of this rain. :-)

Tonight I believe I will work on a journal that I am still painting pages in for my granddaughter-in-law to put the cute things that you think you will remember about your baby that you forget. I will do a sample page or two for her, but it is just a speckeldy notebook where I glued pages together, painted the pages with art paint, and then if you can't draw, you just clip pictures and words from magazines and glue them to the page. You can write in all kinds of handwriting like caps, print, cursive, ghost letters and color in the space, etc. I put ribbon around the cover so it would tie shut and then put wallpaper over that to dress up the front and back. She is always so appreciative and I believe she will like this. Makes journaling fun when it has art in it.

My parents leave for out west and will follow my middle brother and his wife there. They plan to do some fly fishing and just lazing around. Then my folks will leave them and go see some friends in New Mexico. My dad used to be an artist before he retired and all of his work is of the mountains out west and the aspens. He wants to see the leaves change color one more time. He will be 90 next year and this will probably be their last trip west.

Melyssa and I are going to see them this Saturday and take her dress for the wedding back, take things back to Michael's, and also to Hobby Lobby. I know she has no use for the flowers for the two silk arrangements that were going to be at the reception along with the roses. There are tons of candles that she will never use either. Just lots of this and that and hopefully she has all of her receipts and can recover some of her hard earned money.

Vallie came today and my house is sparkling. If I were wealthy, I would have her every day. I love a clean and straightened home, but don't like doing it myself. Not something that finds its way onto my daily agenda. She will come back next week and fix it up again before my friend Polly and her husband arrive for a two week visit.

I don't know where she and Jan will sleep in their camper thing because she is bringing all of her art things, I do believe. I have to laugh because I will get an email asking if she needs to bring such and such. Nice that I have most all of what she wants to bring and at least they will have a place to lay down at night. They have the largest camper that you drag behind a dooley truck and I can just see it stuffed to the brim with artsy-craftsy stuff. Wonder why we have to have a stash so large to put out a card or two or a scrapbook or two. LOL

I believe my chef is about to call me to the table. We had a sandwich late and so supper is late tonight. Maybe I won't have a dream like the other night when I woke myself up calling to Heath. I was hollering his name so loud that I actually woke up. He was about a football's length from me and I needed for him to look my way to tell him something. Dreams are really strange and I wonder what makes us have some of them. Mine are all in color which makes it interesting too.


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  1. Okay Jane, a cold won't stop you from posting's been a couple of days...get with the program! ooops, do I sound like your personal trainer? ;) sorry. So how's the gym going??? Glad to see you and hubby are moving more. Don't forget to sweat! It's easy for me to tell you that because I don't work out and I don't sweat. And yes...I certainly need to go to the gym too! haha
    miss you
    everything vintage