Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whew!!! I thought my blog had gone into cyberspace never to be found again this evening. I went to post and only got one posting. I panicked!!! Using Google, I put in my name and found the blog, but couldn't get to the place to post. Next, I copied all of my posts to a Word document so I could recreate the blog. When I finished that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mind was what was in cyberspace!!! I had used my regular email to sign in with and not my gmail address. Put in the gmail addy and BINGO!!! Here I am and can try and catch up.

Nothing other than going to therapy has been going on and I guess that is why I haven't posted in a while. One sentence isn't very interesting.

Yesterday morning, my granddaughter whose wedding was this coming Saturday evening, went to her mother, my daughter, and said she wanted to call it off. Of course, it was a shock and disappointment coming at the 99th hour, but we are so thankful she didn't go through with it if that isn't what she really wanted. Yes, tons and tons of money went down the tube with her announcement, but had she gone through with the wedding, then we would have had the agony of a divorce and there might have been children involved then. For a 19 year old, it took a lot of courage on her part to call it off.

My daughter went to work and had to leave and come back home. She woke me from a dead sleep to see if I could help her call everyone on our list of invitees and tell them not to come. She had to spend the day dealing with vendors to little avail. It was nearly 9 PM when I finished the task and every person I spoke with agreed that her decision, though a tough one, was the right one and that it took a lot of character to say it wasn't what she wanted to do after all. I just wonder how many other girls go on with the wedding knowing in their heart-of-hearts that it isn't what they want and then have to go through a divorce. That might be why there are so many divorces these days.

Now that that is behind us, we just have to be supportive of Em's decision and be there for her when she is sad or upset and she will be in days to come. I am so glad that she is in college and has her classes to focus on. She is an A-B student and that will help her keep her mind off what has transpired. She is a hard worker and studies to keep good grades and now she won't have any distractions.

Today both Bill and I went for regular check ups and our doctor said we had to get some exercise. She suggested a stationary bike, but I told her we have one out in the shed that is probably 20 years old and I bet it wasn't ridden over twice. Just too boring. She then suggested going to a gym.

Well, the place I go for therapy on my knees is also a gym, so I purchased a couples package for six months and maybe because of the money spent, we will drive the 22 miles to the gym and try to get a bit of exercise. Right now, I am getting some doing my therapy, but that runs out soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't thrown our money down a rat hole.

My friend from Virginia leaves for here this Friday. She and her husband are going to an RV rally first and within two weeks, we should be crafting into the wee hours of the morning. She is a night owl too. We met about 10-12 years ago on a crafting group and have never met in person. They plan to stay in their camper in our driveway for two weeks. I am sure I will wish they could stay longer, but when the finally get back home, they will have been gone for a month.

I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow/today and have to hit the sack if I expect to be on time. It is at the time I usually crawl out of my bed and I am hard to get up.


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