Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009

I have played around with my blog this evening trying to learn more about how to add things on here. I am going to try and add some more pictures. I hope I don't mess up anything.

My weekend was straightened out by my sweet son tonight. I have been torn between both children for the weekend. I didn't get to see Heath last weekend when he and his family were at home. They are coming back in this weekend as it is the opening of dove season and he and Gunnar want to hunt those tasty little birds. I can still taste a friend's mom's way of cooking them - wrap in bacon, soak in something, and then smoke them. All you get is a tiny bite, but man are they delectable. Yummy stuff!!!

Getting back to this weekend. Melyssa isn't happy with the dress she has picked out for the wedding and wants to see what they have in Natchitoches and Alexandria. I mentioned if nothing there, maybe Leesville might have something. Large circuitous trip, but if she can find something comfortable and that she likes, then she will enjoy her daughter's wedding much more.

Here is the dilemma - go with Melyssa shopping or stay and see Heath and his crew. He came up with a win-win for me and both of them. I will go with her shopping on Saturday and then go and see him and his family Sunday morning before they leave to go back to Arkansas. Now I can quit worrying about it.

The UPS man brought me a box today and I had to wait until I got home from therapy to get into it. I tried to slice into it with my keys, but that is some hard tape. I had to end up using scissors on it. Lots and lots of things for my Cuttlebug and also my Cricut machines. I have lots of new toys to play with.

The pens for the wedding keep calling me and I keep ignoring them. It won't be a hard thing to do, but time consuming and I won't get to farm or collect my Hatchlings if I am not in front of my computer. Oh, this retired life is so hard sometime. LOL Yes, it is an art doing nothing and an even greater art choosing which thing not to do first.

Now, I am going to try and add some pictures to my blog. Let's see how this shapes up.


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