Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yesterday I played catch up blogging and it never did appear. Guess I will go backwards tonight and see if it will show up on my blog.

Last night I bit into a pretzel and if a tooth didn't break off at the gumline, I am not sitting here. Saved the tooth and called the dentist this AM, but he was taking a day in class today and I can't see him until Monday. I have to be careful not to smile too big because it is the tooth next to the big middle tooth. Just call me snaggle tooth.

Went for therapy on my shoulders and the doctor wrote on the Rx that he wants the flat extension closer on my right knee closer to zero. Geez!!! Six is close enough for me, but I will do what they say. Took back the dress Melyssa didn't choose for the wedding, stopped and got Chinese in case we didn't go out to eat.

We did go out to eat and Melyssa and Terrell treated us at Mama's in Natchitoches. They have a band on Friday nights and people were dancing. One man turned 80 today and he was "cutting a rug" with all the women at his table and then some at the next table. He might die tonight, but he had a wonderful time this evening.

Yesterday I took the dress for Zoey to wear at the wedding and had her name embroidered on it. I will try and put a picture of it in this post. I haven't done that yet and don't know if I can do it or not. I had the bib that doesn't match done too and she can wear it around the house when she cuts teeth and drools. Found a pair of ivory colored eyelet panties that will be great for a diaper cover. She will be styling big time all matched up.

Wednesday I went to Natchitoches to have lunch with my friend at her church. They have first Wednesday lunch for the older people and she invites me and many times I am able to go. I saw Doris, our preacher from here that just retired. We sat together. The presentation was Dr. Julie Cane reading some of her poetry, which is delightful. I have heard her read before and she is so talented.

Emily had her formal portraits done on Tuesday and she and Jakob had their engagement pictures done too. They are already up on the net, but I will wait until after the wedding to give the URL. Lovely pictures.

Let's see if I can insert a picture here of the dress. Don't know why they came out at the top of the page.


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