Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We ate out with our friends on Friday night - catfish and they even had whole ones. I wanted to go to the store afterwards, but was too bushed to do so. We just came home.

Let's see. My youngest child turned 42 on Saturday. He is getting older and I don't think I am. :-) He and his family were out school shopping as his children start school today. Where did the summer go? This was a lazy day where I never got out of my gown. Just lollygogged around all day long. Had a hard time falling asleep last night which is probably why I never completely woke up.

Daughter called on Sunday to see if I could help her with getting the wedding invitations ready for the mail. I hurried over to her house and did a lot. Once her daughter got there, they had to work on the inside envelopes as I don't know who all the people are who are invited to the wedding.

The food is ordered and paid for. There will be two serving lines at the buffet with two choices of meats, vegetables, and salads. For a simple meal, it surely does cost a lot of money.

The lady who bakes the marvelous cakes won't be able to as her husband has had a heart attack. Now they will have to get someone out of Shreveport. There will be a tasting of cake on the 29th. I wouldn't mind going to that.

Therapy on Monday. Regular routine.

Tuesday when Bill go home he had found out at 3:15 that he was a victim of a reduction in force. That was his last day. No warning at all. The announcement was supposed to be made on Friday and that way he could have made a week's pay, but they didn't do that. Being the nice guy he is, he worked yesterday for free showing them what all he did and parceled out his work to others that the dean had already approved. They are going to be surprised at what all he did. Had I been him, I wouldn't have gone back, but would have let them figure out what needed to be done on their own. I say that in anger, but would probably have done the same thing if push came to shove.

Today is his first day at home and he has already been in here to talk several times. I don't know how this is going to work out because I am used to being alone all day doing my thing. I don't like to be interrupted. I just keep on typing and he eventually leaves. I have therapy in a few hours and need to get ready for that. There is laundry to finish up and dishes to wash.


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