Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday night we went to Natchitoches to MaMa's with Melyssa and Terrell for supper. There was a live band on the side we ate on and a man was celebrating his 80th birthday and danced with all of the women at his table and the table next to his. If he died in his sleep last night, he had a good time before that happened. Our kids ended up treating us to supper which was so nice. Our treat next time.

At lunch time on Saturday we went to Heath's place at Grand Cane and had a sandwich with them. They were here just for a few hours. Heath had to fix something on his septic tank and talk about his pond he shares with a neighbor. Their trips are always so hurried, but better than not getting to see them at all.

We went to Walmart after that to pick up a few things. By the time we got home, I was exhausted and went straight to bed without supper. My fibro decided it wanted to flare up. Best thing to do in that situation is give it up and go to bed.

Slept in this morning and then worked on the fans for Emily's wedding. Came up 50 charms short and have printed them and started cutting them out. I will be one thrilled person when this task is off my hands. I am so bored with doing this over and over. Still wish they would have run away and gotten married. LOL Not really if that is what they want is a wedding. Had to stop cutting out the charms and take a break so decided to work on my blog.

I hear Bill outside hammering on his bathroom. Will that project ever get finished. In the meantime there are other projects stacking up. Wish I could win a lottery and just walk off and leave this money pit. There are some days I hate this house. It would take a huge bundle of money though to have the space this house has. I just need to chill out and when it gets done, it gets done.


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