Monday, October 26, 2009

Boy, when you don't have time to blog, you almost forget to when you do have time. It feels like it has been a month of Sundays since the last blog post. My company left on the same day I left for a weekend down in South Louisiana with some good friends.

We ate out at a neat Cajun place and it was delicious. I learned of Cajun mayonnaise which is mustard, mayonnaise, some red pepper and probably anything else you want to put in it. Tastes great to dip your friend shrimp and fish into.

We got up the next morning and went to the 7 mile long yard sale from Grand Couteau to Arnaudville. It was fun, but as expected, my back gave out on me early on. We went back to my friend's house and ate a delicious chef salad and hit the trail again.

This time, we just went into Grand Couteau and did their main street. I did find some ephemera and my friend also had some that she gave me. Now to get busy on some altered something. :-) We went to the Kitchen Shop and I got Bill some goodies from there which he was tickled with. I love that store. They have added on a dress shop next door. Boy if I were rich, I could drop a bundle there.

That night we had some yummy meatballs in a dark gravy on mashed potatoes and some zucchini croquettes, or it was a fried something with zucchini. Delicious!!!! We also had some zucchini chocolate cake that was scrumptious. I found a recipe and am going to make some of that. Well, I am going to get Bill to make it more than likely.

I left for home early because when I woke up I thought my watch said five after one. I needed my glasses!!! I quickly got up and got the truck packed and when I came back inside, I realized it was only five after eight.

When I went through Alexandria, my parents were at church so I just wrote my mother a note and left her the linens I found at the yard sale that I knew she would be tickled to have.

I have done absolutely nothing but stay on the computer this week wading through all of the mail that was stacked up while my company was here. Of course, that is what I usually do anyway - stay on the computer following links and reading and looking at interesting things.

Today I found site that was cake wrecks that was hilarious. This lady has even written a book about cakes and how horrendous some of them are. The funniest to me are the ones where you call in an order and they write just what you say on top of the cake. One of them said, "Happy Birthday in Lavender." Makes you scratch your head in wonderment. LOL

My daughter and I went to a baby shower today and boy did our friend make a haul. Gorgeous things and she is such a grateful person. They are adopting and are thrilled out of their minds. She is going to make a wonderful mother. I had to laugh when she got things for a baby crib because I bet that baby never sees a crib. I do believe it will be one of those babies that are held all of the time. :-)

Nothing much on the agenda for this week. Kids, grandkids, and great granddaughter are all fine. Have talked to them and wished them all a great week.


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