Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

I have been missing in action lately. Some friends from Virginia came down for an extended visit and just left on Friday. Polly and I have been outside in my studio almost the entire time. I am all crafted out. She showed me a lot of techniques that I hadn't done before and except for the messy ones, I really enjoyed them. There is something about glitter, grit from embossing powder, and paint stained hands that I don't like at all. Of course, I couldn't find my box of rubber gloves, but for the most part, my hands came clean after a few washings.

Polly and I went to Shreveport and Alexandria to the craft shops and also got to eat and visit with my parents when we were in Alexandria. Jan, her husband, and Bill made two trips to Many and to Shreveport. They enjoyed going to several museums in Shreveport and Bossier City.

On Friday, I left before my company left for their journey back to Virginia. I went to Carencro to visit a friend. On Saturday we picked up a friend of hers and went to the 7-mile-long yard sale between Arnaudville and Grand Couteau. I was a bit disappointed in the yard sale, but did find a few things to use in my projects. I also found some neat gadgets for the kitchen for Bill at a little kitchen shop.

I am home now and hope to quickly get back into a routine that I am used to. Hope ya'll have a great week.


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