Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

I guess I won't be journaling everyday like I planned to do. Seems life gets in the way of keeping up my journal. Maybe it is because I am trying to get a book ready to make a "real" art journal. I have been cutting pictures out of magazines to put into the journal since I can't draw a straight line. There are tons of wonderful examples of these art journals out there and that is where I have been spending a lot of my time.

Since I had to go to the doctor on Monday and wouldn't be here for a HSN shopping experience I didn't want to miss, I checked the site and was able to order what I wanted a day before the show aired. I have a Cuttlebug and there are several folders that are new and two of them could only be gotten on HSN. I am a happy camper to get these folders.

My cholesterol was high, but I don't remember which it was. My doctor wants me to take some meds and see her in two months to see if the number has gone down. Just when I got my meds down to four from twenty-one a day, I have to add one. Something is going to kill you eventually and I hate that I have to take meds. No one is going to leave Earth alive, so I would rather live each day to the fullest without all of the stupid chemicals in my system. I did discontinue one without permission, but it is for muscle cramps and unless I get some cramps, I am not going to take the meds. Just call me Doctor Jane.

Wednesday I went to Young at Heart at my friend's church in Natchitoches. It is the first Wednesday of each month at noon. They had a great program. Two student actors put on a short play that was darling. The lunch was the traditional turkey dinner. I got to sit across from Doris who used to be the preacher here until she retired. Saw several of my old professors and got a lead on a favorite professor in Arkansas. I wrote him a note, epistle, and hope to hear back from him. It has been years since I have seen him or his wife.

Saw the foot doctor which is necessary if you are diabetic. Ate at the Chinese buffet where they have shrimp done in a gazillion ways. Always a good place to eat.

Melyssa and I went to Alexandria yesterday to see my parents and her daughter-in-law and granddaughter, my great-granddaughter. She is such a delightful little girl. Happy and smiles all the time. She has three teeth now and is pulling up. Won't be long before she is walking. I had found her several cute little outfits. I will get to see them this next week too as they are staying until Lee gets off duty on Tuesday evening. Supper with all of them this Wednesday.

Tomorrow I have to go to the USDA office and judge their essay contest. Then I hope I don't forget to get my oil changed.

There is a baby shower for my friend's daughter on Saturday. I need to make a card and wrap her present. She is going to have a baby girl. The baby should come in November.

Ate supper with Heath on Friday evening and then followed him to his house for a nice visit. He came in by himself to fill the deer feeders and hunt. I don't know when he will be back as he plans to have Thanksgiving and Christmas up in Conway this year.

Guess that is all for the time being. Hope I don't wait so long to come back here.


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