Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 25, 2010

I must have been held captive by foreign beings since I have been missing for so long.  Arkansas was on the agenda and then buckets of rain and several days of snow.

Several weekends ago I went to a workshop near Monroe, Louisiana which was taught by Michelle Zindorf.  Talk about a dynamic and organized teacher.  Unbelievable workshop.  I learned so much and will try and insert the cards I made.  Remember that this was my first use of a brayer and it was an incredible experience.  WOW

 Acquaduct with flowers

This one was my least favorite card.  I am not sure why, but it just didn’t appeal to me.  When I saw the example card what I saw was three tombstones.  I made sure to space mine out a bit so it would look more like the aqueduct that it is.  The flowers were heat embossed.

Asian sunset

I call this one Asian Sunset over Water.  We learned how to do a reflection with this card without using a reflection stamp.  The hinges are a punched piece that was bent in double and attached with brads.

Deer in the snow.jpgj

This one is Deer in the Snow.  So original!!!  I missed getting into the upper left-hand corner with this one which threw off my sunrays.

Red Bird2

I added the small red bird after our class.  I needed just this little speck of color.

Spit of land 

This card reminded me of Toledo Bend near where I live.  It is a spit of land out of into the lake.

Tire swing

The orange doesn’t show up like I would wish in this scan.  Love the playful tire swing on the tree.

These are no place near what Michelle does, but for my first try at her techniques, I am proud of my work.

Just found out that we will have another great-granddaughter in late July.  No name has been picked yet, but just so long it is healthy, that is all that matters.  They didn’t take to the name I suggested, Seawillow.  That was the name of a friend’s grandmother and I like unusual names.  Reminds me of when I gave my daughter some names before the births of her children and she told me if I wanted names like that I needed to have some more children.  LOL  Oh, the wit of that girl.

We haven’t done much lately but try to stay warm and dry.  I had my fill of snow when we lived in Denver.  It can go back on up North as far as I am concerned.

It is hard to believe, but our first great-granddaughter, Zoey Elizabeth, will be one year old in less than a month.  Where does time go?  Terrell Thomas just turned 18 last month and Emily Anna will be 20 the last day of this month.  They surely getting old since I know it isn’t me that is ageing.

This year I will try to do better about posting.  It took a long time for me to find the program to write in that allows me to put the pictures into the post.

Spring, hurry and get here!!!